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We are our history

which has endowed us with a path full of experiences since our establishment in 1989 by Giannis Klitsas and the merge with the workshop of Stefanos Volonakis in 1996 until today.

These valuable experiences have made us better and have helped us define ourselves. Our personal touch in the market of goldsmithing gives meaning and content to the name SAVATI and shapes our identity.

Recognition by a demanding public gives us the strength we need to proceed with an open mind in order to understand today and have insight into the future.

We are our philosophy

Our commitment to two basic principles that for us define “jewelry”.

Every item with the label SAVATI owes its existence to the inspiration of the designer and the hands that carefully crafted it with love, which is why it decorates, adorns and honors the term “Jewelry”. It displays elegance, similar to that of a Mycenaean noble woman, and gives the Byzantine emblems, the cross, the rosette, the vine leaf, timeless value.

It aesthetically accompanies special occasions, it highlights every unique woman that can support it and expresses opinion, disposition, emotions.

Every piece of jewelry SAVATI is connected to the civilization that created it because it expresses the noble principles of its time. It is an elaborate design of gold and silver that decorates today with the glamor of the civilizations that have shaped it. Those same personal values fuel our pursuits, which express our modern outlook on jewelry.

We are our choices

The materials that we use are sterling silver 925 and gold in 18 and 22 carats. The method with which we work combines creativity and technique. We create in our own specialized workshop with experienced craftsmen, who are well trained in old and new techniques.
Our collections are inspired by archetype symbols in an expression of authenticity that wins the favor of customers, who recognize SAVATI as a specialist in this category.

We are by your side!

With a consistency of high quality designs and professional after sales service, privately owned facilities of 300 m2 at 15 Chiou Street in Kaisariani that house the workshop and the exhibition of SAVATI and a constant presence in exhibitions in Greece, we are a team that serves Greek handmade jewelry.